Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Working like a dog….

Cypress Health Region – Palliser Regional Care Centre

This was our start on Monday March 21, 2011 at the Palliser Regional Care Centre.

Short 1 Special Care Aide on second floor.
Short 2 Special Care Aides on third floor.
Short 1 Nurse on third floor and the other Nurse on third floor was working overtime.

What a day!!!!!!!!!


  1. I thought Monday was bad. Boy, was I wrong. Tuesday was worse.

    Short 4 Special Care Aides (days) on third floor.
    Short 1 Special Care Aide (evenings) on third floor.

    All replacements on overtime - so it is NOT okay to work a 12 hour shift with full (rested) staff but it is OK to work 16 hours straight with worn out staff. This is an OH & S nightmare!

    Replaced on ot

  2. Another weekend in the kitchen at Shaunavon Hospital & Care Centre...another weekend of working short staffed...next weekend is the same, I hear. A shift of trying to do two people's work, and working 12 hour shifts just to cover are just too much, especially day after day. Folks are so tired they DO NOT WANT any more over time!! Enough already....But the Region could care less about their employees..remember that when they ask for co-operation for their LEAN PROGRAM. Not familiar with LEAN...google it, and find out what is in store for Maple Creek, and us.


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